Identify productivity and efficiencies along the value chain.

PHI – Profit Management Software

It efficiently calculates the Cost-To-Serve and provides management to optimize the Profit-To-Serve


PHI – Profit Management Software’s main objective is to identify productivities and efficiencies along the value chain, analyze the ROI, and perform re-engineering in the definition of commercial levers, among others.

The software has the needed flexibility and power to provide a deep and detailed view for data analytics, reaching the POS-SKU-Transaction level, and generate unlimited and adaptable prorating criteria to the existing data. This technological solution acts either as a “Software as a Service” or as a management and profitability optimization support tool for the FMCG industry.

Users can manage their cost to serve and profit to serve performance indicators for the operational and commercial decision-making process and the design and development of business strategies.

Phi simplifies the monitoring, visibility, and management based on Data Analytics tools, with a customizable and very flexible platform in terms of adapting to the needs of each company, with a friendly UX, and an easy way of connecting with different Management Systems.

There are three modules included in Phi: Profit-To-Serve Module, RTM Predictability Module, and Reporting and Visibility Module.

This solution will completely transform your business. What are you waiting for to try it?

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