Deploy your commercial and branding strategy at each POS

Picture of Success

Improve commercial performance (volume, coverage and share of handlers) and increase the sell out at each POS.


Thanks to the design and development of the Picture of Success, companies can determine the impact of their commercial and branding strategy at each point of sale, seeking to improve commercial performance (volume, coverage, and share of handlers) and increment of the Sell Out at each POS, while enhancing the shoppers’ experience.

We develop “step-by-step” methodologies according to FMCG best practices that allow us to determine the execution standards (“Picture of Success”) in each market segment.  These methodologies are flexible and accurate as they can be adaptable according to the commercial reality of each region, channel, and segment.

When defining execution standards, we consider segmentation models, optimal portfolio, primary and secondary placements, price/promotion advertising, POP materials, planograms, trade investments, among others.

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