Optimize the profitability levels of the company.

Profit Management by Phi

Understand the profitability of each dimension of the business.


Bringing up the profitability levels of companies, their products, and markets is becoming more relevant every day in the agendas of the commercial, financial and operational teams of FMCG companies.

Our Profit Management solutions seek to understand the profitability of each of these business dimensions by defining the appropriate allocation criteria for each business and its service models. Measuring and evaluating the impact of each activity or lever along the value chain on the Cost-to-Serve each Channel and with each Product will allow us to identify better opportunities to increase the business bottom line.

It is essential to use advanced tools to improve decision-making when implementing a standard Way Of Working of Profit-To-Serve Management.
We aim to drive the operation towards better levels of profitability and efficiency in your business management. Therefore, we use PHI – Software Profit Management as an enabler tool that will allow you to use resources more efficiently, improve your company’s profit, detect opportunities for improvement in the Topline, generate initiatives that contribute to the value proposition, maximize the profitability of each point of sale, and improve the Bottom Line of the operation.

Digital transformation, together with Big Data, Business Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence as cornerstones, our Phi tool (software by Market One) enable the consolidation and linking of large volumes of internal and external information for the implementation of a robust Profit-To-Serve model, which not only gives us visibility into the current and past cost of serving each customer and the evolution of the Profit channels but also guides us and provides us with suggestions for potential improvements in the management of our value propositions for each customer segment.

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