Add value by transforming data into actionable insights and metrics.

WEASK – Crowdsourcing Research Platform

Add value by transforming data into actionable insights and metrics.


The traditional channel has great potential in Latin America, and its granularity makes it a channel accessible to everyone and convenient for the end consumer.

Thanks to our community of merchants and our analytical capabilities leveraged on technology, it is possible to transform data into actionable insights to drive and optimize the performance of companies across the region.

WeAsk is a 100% collaborative economy-based solution. It maximizes brand execution and ROI, provides valuable insights to consumer goods manufacturers and operational efficiencies needed to maintain the competitiveness of fast-moving and ever-evolving industries.

Our extensive community gives us the advantage of gathering any information that a company may need.

WeAsk allows finding the traditional channel’s potential and its stores for fast and efficient decision-making. It has a higher reaction capacity, more flexibility to gather information, and a higher level of channel communication and statistical representativeness.

The cornerstones of our work are:

Reliability: all surveys are geolocated, allowing us to verify the location of our community members, who are certified to meet the highest quality standards.

Efficiency: we have a vast coverage in the region and a state-of-the-art technological tool to gather information efficiently

Agility: thanks to our crowdsourcing-based model to execute all studies instantly, we can deliver faster results for action and decision making.

Return on Investment: scalable projects based on customer needs to yield actionable insights and metrics for better decision making and improved results.

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